Welcome! We’re Jade and Jo.

We may not know what you’re personally going through, but we do know how to stand in your shoes. We know the ups, the downs, and the feelings of isolation that may come with fertility struggles. We just know.

Maintaining a fertility friendly diet can be a challenge.  We can promise to lighten your stress level during your fertility journey, by bringing you time-saving, nutritious, grab-and-go food. 

Jade and Jo gives you fertility friendly, conception-focused diet options that you can grab at a moment’s notice. All so you can move about your life a little more normally, and still keep conception in mind.

Our mission is to provide nutritious,
high-quality, dietary options to help support your reproductive health and enhance
your body’s fertility potential.



Jade and Jo Harmonize It Fertility

Teas utilize a unique phased approach

to ensure you are drinking the right tea

at the right time. Each blend contains

ingredients that are chosen specifically

to support the four distinctive phases

of your menstrual cycle.




Jade and Jo Activate It Nutrition

Bars have combined Eastern and

Western nutrition philosophies, and

all the right ingredients, to provide

a nourishing grab-and-go tonic that

supports your body’s reproductive



Jade and Jo was created to provide nutritious choices to women who are trying or struggling to conceive. Frustrated by never being able to find a quick snack that didn't contain soy, preservatives or 20 grams of sugar, Founder and CEO Jennifer McAleer took to her kitchen and started creating her own snacks, soups and teas to maintain her fertility friendly diet.  Our goal is to take the stress out of finding foods that won't interfere with your reproductive health without sacrificing taste or convenience.