The Mission & Passion Behind
Jade and Jo’s Fertility Friendly Foods

Our mission at Jade and Jo is to provide quality foods and teas that help support your fertility friendly diet without sacrificing taste.  Our products do not contain soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, refined sugars, GMOs and are made with organic ingredients. At Jade and Jo, we combine Eastern and Western nutrition philosophies that provide an integrative nutrition system that we believe is more effective than either approach on their own.

We're just getting started! We are always developing new products that will deliver the fertility friendly nutrition you need in easy grab and go packaging.  Look for our line of soups coming soon!

After struggling with fertility and multiple miscarriages, I learned that what I put in my body made a world of difference.
— Jennifer McAleer, Founder & CEO

Jade and Jo’s origin story comes from my own journey. Fertility challenges can be isolating and deeply affect us emotionally and physically. No matter where you are on your journey or the path it takes you, our fertility-friendly foods and teas can complement a nutrient-dense diet and enhance your body’s unique fertility potential.

I conceived my first child at 39 and delivered a healthy baby boy at 40!  In fact, I wasn’t even trying and never considered myself to be past my child-bearing prime. 18 months later, I became pregnant again, only to learn so much can happen quickly and change your life in a single ultrasound.  At 10 weeks, we found no heartbeat and we were devastated. After recovering and moving forward, I experienced another miscarriage. By this time, I was quite familiar with Dr. Google, having extensively researched recurrent miscarriage and their connections to advanced maternal age. A consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist identified the root of the problem which was age-related poor egg quality. This reality inspired me to delve deeper and seek alternative medical treatment to enhance my fertility. 

One of the first places I turned to was Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, since it frequently came up in my research. Some of the most well-known reproductive clinics even had acupuncture on site for fertility patients! My acupuncturist was the first person to specifically ask me about what I was putting in and on my body. She made the connection between how we nourish ourselves and our state of fertility. By now, I knew Chinese Medicine wasn’t going to miraculously give me new eggs, but it was worth focusing on the areas over which I had control, such as diet, exercise, meditation and acupuncture.  Soon after starting treatment I was pregnant again but experienced another miscarriage. I decided to dive even deeper and adopt all diet, lifestyle, and herbal suggestions initially provided in my treatment plan. The dietary suggestions eliminated known risks like processed foods, and endocrine disrupting chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA), while encouraging foods rich in antioxidants, along with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, and those with anti-inflammatory properties.



After embracing a fertility friendly diet, my overall health began to transform almost immediately.



Going from cheese puffs and chocolates to organic, whole foods led to dramatic results.  My cycle normalized and became regular again, my seasonal allergies went away, my digestion improved, and my energy was noticeably vibrant!  I realized my health and wellbeing were completely different now than during my earlier pregnancies and subsequent miscarriages.  Finally, some months later I became pregnant on my own at nearly 43 years of age. I was overjoyed at the sight of a healthy heart beating during the initial ultrasound!  Many months of a peaceful, uneventful pregnancy led to an amazing and perfect baby girl, Jade.

My experiences were inspiring enough for me to want to offer this game-changing approach to others.  Small changes that don’t require medical intervention can have a transformative impact on a healthy pregnancy. No matter where you are in your journey or if you just want to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, our bars and teas offer a nutrient-rich complement to your fertility friendly diet. 

Our products are made with organic ingredients, and do not contain soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, refined sugars or GMOs.



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